Sanjay Chilly manufacture product for the when we want to expand, we think through the customer mind. Our main focus is that the product should be elegant enough to pass the test of customer preferences.

Incorporated in year 2007, Rishabh Sanitary Appliances Pvt Ltd is dedicated toward standard and bona fide high-performance stainless-steel floor drain and bathroom accessories under brand name- SANJAY CHILLY

Headquartered in Haryana, India the company takes great pride in its ability to deliver a magnificent product range with elegant designs and versatile functionality.

At SANJAY CHILLY we live for the moment when the customer will buy the product and satisfy by finding true value for the money they spent.  For us, the urge for improvement of the rigorous development of innovation is a solidly established and resolutely pursued company principle.

Our core competence is producing high quality drainage product and bathing accessories with design aspirations to match. We are continually strengthening our designs, innovation and manufacturing capabilities to give our customers an exclusive integrated bathroom solution. These are fusion of our decades of experience in the sanitation sector with outstanding support from our distributors, retailers and customer base.



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